Inspiring others to create

As a step to enable others to discover greater wellbeing, I guide the individual to greater expression of their creativity through visual art experiences.

Workshops For Children

I have worked in a variety of settings with children: in schools, youth & community centres, as discrete projects, curriculum or community arts projects. Workshops can be held in schools and cover part of the art curriculum, focusing on a specific skill area, or be a specific project over time. I would be happy to discuss establishing an after-school club. I enjoy running workshops during school holidays in community centres, schools or other venues.

Workshops For Adults

I have worked with adults as part of community art projects and as a lecturer in adult education. I am keen to develop workshops that give adults a taster of a skill are part of Art on Prescription, allow creative exploration, as team building/well being strategies for staff teams. These can occur in the daytime or evening.

Educational Consultancy

My career has taken me through a number of roles: head teacher, teacher, lecturer, community development worker, organisational development manager, community artist and artist in residence. The thread through all my work has been encouraging the development of a growth mindset using creative expression as a means to achieve this. I believe making marks is an essential aspect of being human and that expressing oneself through the arts is a step towards greater wellbeing. I am particularly interested in supporting schools to develop their arts curriculum, as this is such a hugely important aspect of learning and underpins other skill development. The road to being resilient can be greatly encouraged through engaging with the arts.

Teacher CPD

My experience has taught me that many primary teachers lack confidence in teaching art. I offer hands on CPD, as twilights or on inset days, which will develop your staff’s knowledge of skill development and give them confidence to go back to the classroom and “take chances, make mistakes and get messy!”* I can also offer working alongside teachers in their classrooms to model getting the best from the children.

(* Ms Frizzle, Magic School Bus)

Curriculum Development

The focus on foundation subjects is increasing and schools can find weaving art and design into the curriculum a challenge. I work with leadership teams to develop a strong curriculum which encourages cross curricula links but keeping the needs of the arts in the fore. I am developing resources to support staff and am keen to work with groups to trial these and adapt to local settings. Please find some free resources below:

Primary Art & Design Curriculum Map

The Arts Award

The Arts Award is a well-established programme, overseen by Trinity College, to develop engagement with the arts and results in certificated moderated awards. I qualified as an Arts Award Advisor and can offer enabling your groups to attain awards. The key to achieve these awards is to weave the requirements into the curriculum although after school clubs could enable a smaller group of children to succeed. Please read the attached documents for further information:

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